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We help organizations unlock insights hidden in structured & unstructured text data

Our team brings together decades of NLP expertise with NaturalText, our proprietary AI engine that uses unsupervised learning to extract understandable & actionable insights from text data & other data to enhance decision-making.



Data Analysis
& Consulting

Uncover hidden patterns & other valuable insights from private documents & other types of structured & unstructured text data to drive decision-making.

Our team deploys extensive data science & NLP expertise to assess your organization's requirements & develop a customized plan leveraging our unsupervised AI. Start with a complimentary consultation.

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Document Analysis

Extract insights deep within natural language text documents using clustering, ranking, & other exclusive NLP features built for enterprises using NaturalText's novel AI.

Our AI algorithms are uniquely equipped to go beyond simply analyzing language into understanding content & context of documents. Learn more.


Retail &

Gain an unparalleled level of understanding into your customers & market trends with our sentiment analysis service, which mines data from social media, reviews, & more for insights.


Analyze user queries & other data to improve recommendation systems, search relevance, & business efficiency. Get in touch with us today.


Why NaturalText

NaturalText uses novel AI and unsupervised learning to analyze long-form text data without expensive and time-consuming tagging, training, or tuning.

NaturalText analyzes structured and unstructured text data, extracts actionable insights, uncovers connections, and explains its reasoning at a fraction of the time — and cost — of a human expert.

Our AI is flexible, scalable, and unsupervised, meaning you can analyze millions of documents in a variety of formats, without expensive and time-consuming tagging, training, or tuning.

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Strengthen your organization's competitive edge with NaturalText's cutting-edge NLP & expert consulting.

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