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NaturalText A.I. is the first and only NLP solution that uses unsupervised learning and symbolic, non-statistical A.I. to extract easy-to-understand, actionable insights from long-form text data—and it even explains the logic behind its decisions.


Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, NaturalText A.I. has an unprecedented ability to understand structured and unstructured text data, just like a human expert. NaturalText extracts actionable insights, uncovers connections, and explains its reasoning at a fraction of the time — and cost — of a human expert.
Our A.I. is flexible, scalable, and unsupervised, meaning you can analyze millions of documents in a variety of formats, without expensive and time-consuming tagging, training, or tuning.
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Discover how NaturalText A.I. is used during drug discovery to make early-stage research and development more efficient.


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Why NaturalText A.I.?

The right NLP solution will save time and money, while also strengthening innovation and productivity. Unfortunately, statistics-based NLP solutions are not properly equipped to handle the complexities and nuances of language.
NaturalText A.I., on the other hand, is uniquely engineered to  analyze long-form text data, using non-statistical, symbolic A.I. and unsupervised learning.


Just download and start extracting insights — no specialty hardware required.

NaturalText A.I. is Easy to Run and Use


No need to spend time on training, feature extraction, and other pre-processing activities.

NaturalText A.I. Works Out-of-the-Box


Analyze massive datasets, with millions of data points and dimensions, or very small datasets.

NaturalText A.I. is Highly-Scalable

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