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Case Studies

Our cutting-edge, unsupervised A.I. extracts actionable, explainable, and human-readable insights from structured and unstructured text data in many formats, making it an invaluable tool for organizations in all industries right out of the box.


& Life Sciences

Discover how NaturalText A.I. is used during drug discovery to make early-stage research and development more efficient.

Marketing & Social Media

Explore how NaturalText A.I. allows companies and marketing agencies glean deeper CX insights from customer feedback.

Legal Services & Intellectual Property

See how NaturalText enables legal professionals to analyze case law in a fraction of the time as traditional legal search.


Learn how NaturalText A.I. helps healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes through more effective monitoring.

Coming soon

Management Consulting

Find out how NaturalText A.I. equips consultants to extract valuable insights from big data through robotic process automation.

Coming soon
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