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Legal Services & Intellectual Property

See how NaturalText A.I. enables legal professionals to analyze case law in a fraction of the time as traditional legal search.

Legal Research & Citation Analysis

Legal research is critical work, but it is also time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. Lawyers and other legal professionals spend tremendous amounts of time searching for and reading regulations, case law, statutes, court rules, law review articles, and other documents. Time is money, but finding the most relevant and authoritative documents can seem like searching for needles in a haystack.
  • Traditional methods of legal research are highly-manual, reducing the time a legal professional has to spend on other productive, value-creating activities.
  • The tremendous amount of legal content makes it challenging to access, read, and compare documents in a timely manner during research.
  • In addition, legal documents use an extensive library of jargon that can complicate traditional keyword-based research.
Patient Outcomes
Current Solutions
Manual search is the most prevalent solution, but it is cumbersome, outdated, and expensive in terms of time, money, and opportunity cost. Machine learning-based content discovery systems are far behind, and require extensive time and resources to prepare, train, and re-train data. While legal research services do exist, they are not especially economical, especially considering that much of the manual work in legal research could (and should!) be intelligently automated.
  • Traditional methods of legal research and citation analysis do not produce a list of automatically-ranked results, so users must read each document in its entirety to determine whether it is relevant. When it comes to figuring out which results are most authoritative, that can take even longer—just because a source is mentioned the most does not mean it is the definitive case for your needs.
  • Machine learning solutions do not represent the kind of intelligent, nimble automation that legal professionals need, either, as their high upfront costs are not offset by performance limitations after training.
  • There are few services available that make it easy to search and discover the world’s growing legal corpus. These services are typically cloud-based, which create risks to data security.
NaturalText Advantage
NaturalText A.I. uses natural language understanding and other artificial intelligence technologies to read and understand tens of millions of documents, whether private notes, public data, or a combination thereof. This allows practitioners to group relevant information, identify similar documents, and extract insights quickly and easily, saving time and money.
  • Returns the most relevant and authoritative results
  • Extracts legal concepts and precedents from multiple sources
  • Saves time and money and increases understanding through intuitive search capabilities
  • Secures private information through on-premises installation
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