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Top 10 Reasons NaturalText AI is the Next-Generation NLP Solution

Statistics, which focuses primarily on the analysis of numerical data, also provides the foundation for traditional natural language processing (NLP) solutions. While statistical methods are effective at identifying patterns with little variation, they have a number of shortcomings when applied against the complexities of language.
NaturalText AI, which uses unsupervised learning and novel AI, was engineered specifically for language processing and analyzing long-form text data. Discover the top 10 reasons NaturalText AI is the next-generation NLP solution.
Traditional NLP Solutions
NaturalText A.I. is Easy to Run and Use
Download NaturalText A.I. — no specialty hardware requiredand you are ready to discover the insights buried in your structured and unstructured text data! NaturalText was built specifically to excel at solving language understanding problems in a simple, flexible, user-friendly way. Adjust, control, and update output results with ease, and add new data at any time. NaturalText even identifies related concepts to help you refine your search, and uncover the insights your organization needs to innovate and keep a competitive edge.
Statistics-based NLP solutions are inefficient and slow, starting from months-long training on a massive dataset at deployment. Once the solution is finally running, using it is cumbersome and time-consuming. Users can only explore one question at a time; if adjustments need to be made, users must launch an entirely new query. Results are often not accurate or relevant, creating extra work for users. Reviewing results to determine what is relevant, and drawing and validating conclusions require significant human effort and take time away from other critical work.
NaturalText A.I. Works Out-of-the-Box
NaturalText A.I. uses unsupervised learning, so it can be used without data tagging, extracting features, training, fine-tuning, or making domain-specific modifications. This quick setup — within hours, for most projects — saves significant amounts of time and money, and grants unprecedented latitude to investigate any question. The speed at which this analysis happens is another area in which NaturalText shines: where humans take months and other NLP solutions take hours to analyze 500 complex documents, NaturalText takes only five minutes.
Statistical solutions must be trained to identify all data variations expected during organizational use, which requires many months and data points. The delay in deployment can be detrimental for time-sensitive questions, and the amount of data needed for training precludes accurate results for those with low-volume data. Most troubling is that training is not especially effective for NLP applications. Language is so vast and complex that it is nearly impossible to compile a training dataset with all data variations, crippling the relevance and quality of the solutions' results.
NaturalText A.I. is Highly-Scalable
NaturalText A.I.'s unsupervised learning approach means that it works just as effectively for small organizations with low-volume data as it does for very large organizations with high-volume data.
NaturalText can handle millions of dimensions or columns, eliminating the need for difficult feature extraction on text data.
Statistical NLP solutions can only handle a limited number of dimensions and typically require the removal of “stopwords,” but this is more easily said than done. Because meaning is the sum of all parts of a sentence, poor feature extraction has a strong negative effect on the quality and relevance of results.
NaturalText A.I. Prioritizes Data Security
NaturalText A.I. is deployed locally on Linux, Windows, or Mac machines. Not only does on-premises deployment keep your organization’s private data secure, but it also makes it quick to set up and use NaturalText A.I. There is no need to migrate data to the cloud, implement new cybersecurity measures, or worry about the possibility of a data breach. With NaturalText A.I., your datasets remain safely in your hands.
Many NLP solutions are only deployed in the cloud, which can expose private and sensitive data to cybersecurity breaches and other risks. This requirement prevents some organizations that collect and utilize very sensitive data from using NLP solutions, even if they could benefit tremendously from them.
NaturalText A.I.’s Logic is Easy to Explain and Understand
NaturalText A.I. provides justification for its conclusions, meaning results are human-readable, explainable, and understandable. It assigns a relevance score to each result, based on its content instead of metadata, making it simple for users to streamline their workflows. At a glance, users can identify actionable insights and supporting data to prioritize for review and interpretation.
Typical NLP solutions function like “black boxes” — they provide only results, with no hints about their decision-making processes or rationales. This presents a significant risk for organizations in highly-regulated industries, preventing them from using these NLP solutions and gleaning great value from them.
NaturalText's Reasoning A.I. Eliminates Bias
NaturalText A.I.'s unsupervised pattern-finding algorithm uses logical and reasoning methods to extract insights, improving the consistency of results and preventing the biases that cloud the judgment of human readers and plague statistical NLP methods. NaturalText A.I.’s reasoning abilities and human-readable results give organizations complete confidence in its results.
Today’s statistics-based NLP solutions lack reasoning capabilities and suffer from bias inherent to statistical models, meaning no amount of training or tuning will prevent or remove the bias. Perhaps even more dangerous is the fact that these solutions are unable to show where or what their biases are.
NaturalText A.I. Understands Concepts and Context
NaturalText A.I. uses non-statistical, logical reasoning to generate relevant, insightful, and actionable results. It analyzes text as a human would, going beyond keywords to examine concepts and infer meaning, comparing every data point to identify patterns and relationships, and preserving context for extracting insights. Our unique and powerful A.I. simplifies decision-making, amplifies productivity, and verifies conclusions to inspire confidence in its results.
Statistical NLP solutions are often not equipped to analyze unstructured text data. Because they rely on keyword identification and matching, they are tricked by synonyms, misspellings, and jargon. They create more work for users, who still have to read through every result to determine what is relevant and how it relates to other results. Some statistics-based solutions are attempting to explain context, but these nascent methods are too unreliable to add value to critical decision-making processes.
NaturalText A.I. is Built for Businesses
NaturalText A.I.’s logical reasoning capabilities and unsupervised learning approach allow it to identify both new connections and existing patterns, providing great flexibility in solving real-world problems. With its pragmatic view of solving language understanding problems, NaturalText actually helps companies save money (i.e., through automation) and make money (i.e., through increased productivity), time after time.
The answers for many business problems lie in examining a dataset, and identifying a pattern or piece of information within it. Statistical NLP algorithms' specificity and inflexibility means they are unusable after one deployment, since they are trained for the needs of one instance. Even if an organization can afford training and other preparation costs, it has no economic justification for doing so.
NaturalText A.I. is Powerful, Yet Affordable and Accessible
NaturalText A.I. proves it is possible to be cost-effective and effective at providing business-viable solutions for real-world problems, no specialty hardware or lengthy training required. Extract relationships, trends, and clusters within a dataset, which can include multiple data types and domains. Find human-readable answers — with rationales — to open-ended questions. Refine searches based on suggestions NaturalText makes, and discover the most relevant and accurate information for your needs.
Statistics-based NLP solutions incur very high development and deployment costs, and if specialty hardware is required, the cost is even more prohibitive. These solutions are often only accessible to those with multimillion-dollar budgets. Even after training, the solutions are often only able to answer “yes” or “no” questions. While they can identify patterns with little variation, they fall short when applied against language processing problems, which are far more complex, context-driven, and nuanced.
NaturalText A.I. is One-of-a-Kind
NaturalText A.I. is the only unsupervised NLP solution with symbolic A.I., which uses graph theory and other non-statistical, mathematical models in its algorithms.
Because NaturalText treats text as symbols to find patterns, it delivers superior, next-generation performance in solving language understanding problems, and does not have the limitations of statistical NLP methods.
Request a demo to see how NaturalText A.I. can strengthen your organization's productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness.
In spite of the advances of statistical methods in NLP, today's solutions continue to suffer from shortcomings, including:
  1. Inability to analyze long-form text data
  2. Focus on keywords over content
  3. Lack of contextual understanding
  4. Need for high-volume datasets for training
  5. Dimensional limitations on data
  6. Biases inherent to statistical models
  7. Expensive and slow deployment
  8. Cumbersome and inefficient A.I.
  9. Lack of transparency in decision-making
  10. Limited business viability — imbalance of costs vs. benefits
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