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NaturalText A.I. helps you get more out of your data.

Discover relationships, create collections, and unveil hidden insights in documents and other text-based data.

How NaturalText A.I. works

NaturalText A.I. uses novel artificial intelligence technology to uncover hidden relationships in text data.
The software uses various state-of-the-art methods to understand context, analyze patterns, and reveal insights—all in a human-readable way.

Enhance enterprise search

By comparing the content and context of search results, NaturalText generates human-readable popularity scores to rank results in a meaningful and understandable way. 

Never train learn-to-rank systems, feature extraction, and binary models again!

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Discover similar documents

Do you struggle to classify huge amounts of documents, emails, and other data? Does your current classification software make grouping decisions that are not always intuitive?

NaturalText A.I. makes it easy to understand the logic behind grouping documents and other data—and you can even explore labeling for documents without any pre-training!

Reveal insights hidden in your data

Finding everything hidden in your text data is a difficult—if not impossible—task. Traditional search only finds existing related information.

NaturalText A.I., however, uncovers new information within millions of documents, including scientific papers and patents. Use NaturalText A.I. to reveal insights in your data you are currently missing.


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See how NaturalText A.I.

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